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The True Meaning of Gifting Someone with a Fountain Pen

Fountain pens in their own way represent a sense of class and style. Writing well with them also requires one to apply some kind of technique with skill and mastery. These pens are designed to run smoothly all across the page. You can easily pass off as a mature, learned and contemporary person by gifting someone with a fountain pen from Notedian for instance. It shows that you care for the recipient enough to present them with an outstanding souvenir.

Complimentary Gift Items

Different accessories are available as well to complete a writing set in style. They include ink blotters, ink wells, ink sets and writing desks, portable writing boxes and quills to provide an antique effect. A long list of writing artifacts exists, which could perhaps accompany a fountain pen from Notedian as a gift item in a classic manner. In either case, you need to peruse an array of selections before going ahead to buy one.

Any credible stationery store would have a generous assortment of pens available on sale at varied prices that would be sufficient for most people. That said the discerning buyer always endeavors to seek out a special kind of gift item when buying luxury fountain pen online.

Designs of Pens

Pens are availed in various designs, oftentimes categorized according to the design of their nibs. It could either be rollerball, ball-point or fountain nib as an example. Preferences also get decided based upon the barrel of a pen, which could vary in shape and thickness, or weight of pen in hand. Certain heavier models are nonetheless preferred owing to their apparently seamless movement when writing upon surfaces such as those provided by Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks.

Composition of Fountain Pens

The prices of fountain pens can spiral into multiple thousands of dollars, with the caps being made of sterling silver and the nibs engraved intricately during the engineering process. Nibs of Notedian fountain pens may be composed of 14k gold, steel or even chrome plating and be fine or broad in width. The barrels are offered in diverse kinds of metals, carbon fiber as well as wood.

Customizing a Gift Set

Writing boxes in some way introduce a truly authentic old-world feel, imbuing some measure of timeless sophistication to a person. Such items usually contain all that one would require for storing pens, ink, paper as well as envelopes, with all of them organized neatly within a box which comes in a broad array of wood-types. Such boxes are designed specially in a manner which would reflect Victorian elegance. These feature special contents consisting of pen nibs having reservoirs, along with high-quality paper. Inks come in varied choices of color, with wooden blotters many times sporting knobs and finishes of brass. People seeking may include Clairefontaine Notebooks into a customized gift set meant for someone special in your life.

The website is among the leading stores online that you could visit for assorted selections of fountain pens, fountain pen ink, art supplies as well as stationery.

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Fountain Pen Habitual Mistakes Any Enthusiast is Guilty of Doing

We all make mistakes since we are all merely human. No one is perfect, even those with perfect penmanship using luxury fountain pens. But being persons using luxury fountain pens for how many decades already, we have learned the error of our ways – our true strength. There are many tips and tricks revealed today about the proper caring for your fountain pen from the past experiences of pen enthusiasts all over the world.

luxury fountain pens

You can easily make big or small blunders with both expensive luxury fountain pens and cheap ones. You can make a mistake on how to choose the best brand fountain pen ink like J.Herbin fountain pen inks or other brands out there. You can even make a casual slip up when figuring out how to clean a fountain pen yourself.

But the worse of all blunders are those small acts committed repeatedly and habitually without knowing that they’re wrong. Here are the top habitual acts most pen enthusiasts do with their fountain pen that shouldn’t be tolerated:

·         Keeping your fountain pen in your pocket among other miscellaneous items such as your phone, keys, and coins will inevitably damage you fountain pen’s finish. If you were expecting to keep your fountain pen scratch-free, stop doing the pen in the pocket routine. You can also get a pen slip or cover to avoid getting the fountain pen grazed by outside factors.

·         Never use ink originally meant for calligraphy and dip pens. These inks are shellac-based, and to clean them out of your fountain pen means using denatured alcohol – a solution that can cause the corrosion of some of your pen’s internal apparatuses. Stick with the original fountain pen ink always.

·         Don’t press too hard while writing with a fountain pen. This might disrupt the capillary action and cause the nibs to spread out, hence damaging the pen permanently.

·         Skipping the cleaning routine of your pen will damage it 100% of the time.

·         Never use alcohol and acetone to clean your fountain pen. Even if you badly want to get those pesky ink stains, you need to hold on that corrosive solution. Always use pen flush or water to clean your fountain pens.

·         The worse habitual mistake a pen enthusiast can make is storing or even dropping the precious fountain pen with its nib down. It is simply heartbreaking for any pen enthusiast to have accidents like this. This is because some fountain pens have nibs that are very difficult to replace. And with just one drop, it can cost a lot to repair. However, this mishap can be avoided with the proper keeping of the pen. You can use a pen holder, a hard pen case or a simple pencil case. Never keep it in your pocket since you might accidentally pull it out while getting another item.

·         Not actually using the fountain pen often can lead to many problems in the internal mechanism of the pen. There will be times in your busy life wherein you forgot about them or maybe you misplaced them so you can’t help but not use them for some time. There are so many every day uses for a fountain pen that you should utilize to never keep it out of your sight. But mostly, the problem lies in the actual storage of your pen.

The Journey to the Creation of a Perfect Wedding Video

Planning a wedding is a journey with joys and setbacks in equal measure. The journey to getting a perfect wedding video is not easy either. Remember that the video, more than photographs, will capture the true magic and spirit of your big day. You cannot take chances with anything involving your wedding video, from the videographer to the wedding reception setting which is reflected in the video. You want to get the best wedding videography Melbourne expert, the best reception in the area, a killer theme, striking colors and of course an award-winning gown. You can go to any length to make sure that your wedding video is as perfect as it can get. But, attaining it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and early planning. Here are some great tips to guide you through the process of getting a perfect video for the day you tie the knot.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Find a good videographer seriously

The videographer is the most important element in this equation. He can make or break the whole thing. Finding a good wedding videography Melbourne expert is something you ought to take more seriously than anything else. You can never go wrong with planning in advance. Begin the search as early as possible so as to have the chance of exploring all the options available. Also, you can source for services that fit your budget well ahead of the D-day.

Do your due diligence

When you spot a potential hire, you need to dig deeper. Find out if they can deliver what you want? The best way to do this is by taking a look at their past work. Ask to see full videos of weddings they’ve shot in the recent past. Check for clarity and the general style. Do the videos impress you? If you feel they’re amiss, move to the next option. You may also ask for references. Any professional Melbourne wedding videography expert will provide you references willingly. Make sure you call the references and get their opinion about the videographer.

Check the videographer’s style

Different wedding videography Melbourne professionals take different approaches, just like in photography. In other words, they have different styles. Some use cinematic styles involving more dramatic actions. This gives the film a Hollywood-feel. Other videographers take the documentary-style approach which has limited special effects and presents the events chronologically. Choose a videographer whose approach closely matches your style.

Utilize the contract to the fullest

Don’t settle for the lower limit. Take advantage of everything that’s offered in your videographer’s package. This could include maximum coverage time, having more than one shooter on site and getting the finished products in different versions such as digital media files, trailers, and highlights reels. These factors will enhance the final product. So find a videographer with a comprehensive and all-inclusive package.

Let your videographer be

If you are sure you have found the best professional of wedding videography in Melbourne take your rest and allow them to be. Trust your decision. On the wedding day, don’t try to micromanage them. If you have hired the right videographer, have confidence in them. For more details, just visit

Why you should Trust Quality Fountain Pens to Deliver a Great Writing Experience

According to the latest study, fountain pens are now making a comeback. Andy Boss, the sales manager at A.T Cross Company in North America, said that the sales of fountain pens have greatly increased. He said that a younger audience has taken a new interest in the technology, especially in the last two years. Fountain pens look beautiful, but it requires skill to use them in the right way. You must buy quality fountain pens for a smooth and great writing experience.

quality fountain pens

Choosing the right pen

It is also a tricky process to buy the right ink pen. If you are buying an ink pen for the first time, you will be confused. You might wonder if it is the right pen for you. You might think whether you are spending too much money on it. You might feel that you won’t be able to write with it comfortably. Here are some things that you need to know about a fountain pen before buying it.

The nib

The nib is the tip of the ink pen that touches the paper. The nibs of fountain pens are made with gold alloys or stainless steel.

There are three kinds of nib sizes that you have to choose from: broad, medium and fine. Most people prefer a fine nib size. This is because the fine nibs produce a fine line that is approximately the same width that a ball point pen or a gel pen will produce.

The nibs of fountain pens have different shapes. The three common shapes are italic, stub and round. Most people prefer the round nib shape because you get a uniform looking line when you write on the paper. If you are interested in calligraphy, you can opt for italic and stub nibs.

You can get quality fountain pens with all kinds of nib shapes and sizes. You can check out if you are looking for the best fountain pen prices.

The feed

The feed of the ink pen is at the bottom of the nib which is usually made of plastic or ebonite. Just like the nib, the feed is also a very important part of your pen. The ink passes from the reservoir of the pen to the nib through the feed. So when you are buying a pen, make sure that it has a good feed. The quality fountain pens have a high-quality feed.

The cartridge

It is the reservoir of your pen that stores the ink. It is a small plastic tube that contains the ink of your pen. When it runs out of ink, you can replace it with a new cartridge. If you don’t like buying new cartridges and replacing the new one with the old one, you can opt for a cartridge converter.

The best thing about a cartridge converter is that you can easily refill it with ink. You don’t have to buy a new cartridge when the ink has exhausted.

Writing with an ink pen feels great and makes cursive handwriting look beautiful. You can find some wonderful quality fountain pens at an affordable price that will give you a fulfilling writing experience.

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