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Wanna Swing? Head Over To Cleos On Nile

When it comes to erotic indulgences, different people have different tastes. Some want a girl, some want several girls, and some want couples. Swinging is not a new fad. It has been there for a very long time. Brisbane, and the country in general, has its fair share of swingers and swinging communities, even though a majority are in the closet. If you are a swinger and are looking for swingers in Brisbane, you should try your luck at Cleos On Nile. Read on to learn more below. Cleos On Nile is arguably the best brothel in Brisbane for swingers. Check them out for yourself at

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Why a brothel?

You might be asking yourself why you should go to a brothel to look for swingers. Well, the answer is pretty simple; why not? In the same way other people go to brothels to find girls, you and your partner, too, can go to a brothel to find fellow swingers. A brothel is where different people come together to find erotic partners. It’s, therefore, a perfectly fine place to swing.

Not only do you get to meet willing couples at a brothel, you also have the space, the freedom, and the privacy to swing in a brothel. Not many swingers in Brisbane have the space to indulge as they would like to. A brothel provides a safe common ground for intimacy and adult entertainment. So again, why not a brothel?

Why Cleos on Nile?

Cleos On Nile is a Brisbane brothel for swingers. It’s a well-run establishment with fine girls and decent rates. As swingers, you can frequent the place and interact with other swingers from the area or from out of town. The will allow you to meet new couples any time you want to enjoy some erotic experiences or anytime you need a fresh swinging experience.

Apart from offering a welcome experience for swingers, Cleos is a great choice because the location is very central to the city. Also, the establishment has a great atmosphere and setting. The rooms are clean, well-furnished, there’s air conditioning, and each room has a bathroom and toilet.

Activities to explore

As swingers in Brisbane, there are lots of activities that you can explore in a brothel. Check them out below:

  • Ask for a cameo appearance by a girl. Here, a working girl will join you for a short time in your room. This is a great way to spice things up and try new things.
  • Ask for one or several girls for a full service. You can also opt to pay and have one or several girls join all of you in your room for shared fun.
  • Voyeur entertainment. Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy watching two girls put on a show just for you.
  • Another idea is to indulge in master/servant BDSM play. Here, one couple can take one role as the other takes the remaining role. Or one gender can serve as masters while the other serves as slaves.
  • You could also watch adult shows from the TV screens in your rooms as you relax and warm things up.

Cleos On Nile: Discover The Adult Services Provided By Your Favourite Brothel

If you don’t know by now, Cleos On Nile is the leading provider of adult services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area. It’s a legal establishment having been registered and licensed through the prostitution Act. So if you’re in the area and are itching to have some adult fun, it is the place to go. Below, discover the different adult services provided at cloes on nileservices provided at cleos on nile

Erotic massages

If you want to relax and have a lovely lady cater to your stresses and fatigue, you can enjoy a nice relaxing erotic massage here. This is a great way to wind up a long busy day or week of hard work. Lay down on a spa table and let a sexy professional work on you. You can also choose to have a standard massage without any of the adult touches if you like.

Cameo appearances

Another one of the services provided at Cleos on Nile is cameo appearances. This is where an additional lady makes a short appearance into your room as you are enjoying your adult company. The cameo appearance lasts 15 minutes and costs a small separate fee. It’s a great way to spruce things up especially if you can’t settle on one lady alone.

Multiple ladies

Sometimes fun comes in twos. And at Cleos, that fun is in the form of two beautiful girls to please you. If one lady is not enough for you, request two ladies of your choice. You will enjoy a discount on the pricing by not paying a double fee. If you wish, you can pay to spend time with even more than two ladies. As long as you can afford it, you can expand your team to as many ladies as you wish.

Lesbian show

If two ladies playing with each other is your thing or if the idea turns you on, a lesbian show could be just what you need. Here, two ladies will put on a private show just for you. You can even request them to do different things for your pleasure. And you can even ask to have more than two ladies present at the show for added fun.

Voyeur experiences

You can also enjoy voyeur moments at Cleos. This is where you pay just to watch other people put on a show for you. You can join if you like or you can just sit back and enjoy the show.

BDSM play

 Do you like your adult fun a little rough around the edges? If so, you can engage in some naughty BDSM fun. You can play master and slave with your partner or one of you can tie the other up for some erotic teasing. The options are endless.

Sex toys

Another service you can enjoy at Cleos On Nile is the opportunity to buy sex toys. There are toys for women, men, couples, lesbians, and gays. You can buy and use them at the facility or you can buy to take home with you.

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