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Need Wristbands For A Charity Event? Here Are Some Ideas

If you are planning a fundraising event, you can make use of wristbands to draw more attention to your cause and/or to send your contributions up. This can be done by selling custom wristbands or by giving away the wristbands as a way to say thank you. However, that does not give you any pointers when it comes to ordering the wristbands themselves. That is, what are the design options? Below, see some wristband fundraising ideas Australians would love. For more information you can always visit:

fundraising ideas australia

Branding the wristbands with the fundraising cause

One common but very effective idea is to order charity wristbands branded to show the particular cause they represent. This allows people to buy the wristbands or to want to wear them to show that they stand in solidarity with the cause. Here, you can brand the wristbands with the name of the cause, the logo or the website. When people see or read the message on the wristband, it will draw attention to your cause and eventually increase the support base.

Create a congratulatory message to the contributor

You can also get promotional wristbands that simply bear a congratulatory message. These are great for thanking people for contributing to the cause. People can be given one once they have donated money. The wristbands can read something like, ‘Thank You’, ‘I contributed to this cause’, etc. These will make people feel good about themselves and when other people see the bands, they too will want to contribute so that they can feel the same and been seen to be part of the movement.

Design wristbands with a colour code to represent the cause

Another one of those wristband fundraising ideas Australians would love would be to order bands in a certain colour where that colour is a symbol of the cause itself. For example, if the fundraising cause is a feminine issue, you could order pink wristbands that represent that. People would then wear them to show that they have contributed or that they support the cause.

Get a 2-tone coloured wristband with two messages

You can also choose to go with a wristband design that has a two-tone colour scheme. That is, one colour on the outside, and another colour on the inside. Each side can also have a message written on it. This way, you can showcase two causes or two messages all in one band. The wearer can choose which message or cause to showcase depending on how they want to wear their band. More information brand name: Wristband Monkey

Glow in the dark wristbands

You can make your own silicone wristbands stand out even more by ordering those that glow in the dark. During the day, these bands will look normal and showcase whatever colours or message you want. At night, instead of going by unnoticed, they will light up and everyone will be able to see the message even clearer. The glow feature not only makes the band legible, they also attract more attention to them, allowing your message to be seen even more.


Simple yet effective way to fundraise: Silicone wristbands

You may have probably heard about awareness bracelets or fundraising wristbands, fundraising silicone bracelets, perhaps? The basic idea behind all these names is the same thing. They offer a great platform to raise funds for a church, school, sports team, foundation or even a business. Also they can be used to raise awareness on a certain cause. What most organizations do is to   have them in a particular color and then print or have them embossed with the organization’s name, logo or motto. Many organizations make use of these bracelets with reports from the Australia Bureau of Statistics revealing that Australians bought 500 times more wristbands on eBay in the last month of 2014 than they had in the beginning of the same year. This just goes to show that silicone wristbands are trusted to promote anything or a business of any size. See more at:

silicone wristbands

Be clever about your marketing

As much as silicone wristbands have been popularized as the best fundraising products, it’s the strategies you employ when selling your products that will get you buyers. With a clever marketing strategy your profits will be mind-blowing. Some of the things that you can try out is having them as the entry tickets to a cinema after consulting with management, selling them with a lucky number that has a prize, offering an array of colors so that people can collect a set. You can also persuade the local restaurants and retailers to offer discounts to anyone that’s wearing them or for those that are wearing them to be treated in a certain special kind of way. Such things will drive people crazy for your product. Also, if you are looking for long-term benefits, having the name of your website printed on the rubber hand bands will earn you many potential buyers. More information brand name: Wristband Monkey

Where to find them

With the increased popularity of silicone wristbands as a fundraising tool, there have mushroomed a gazillion companies all making these bracelets for organizations. The good thing about this is you can be able to choose from any service provider you want as there are a dozen options for you. Also there are all sorts of designs and different deals that you can make. To get the best wholesale silicone wristbands price, it’s best that you first check out what different companies are offering and then compare their quotes. Also you may want to know whether the bands are ethically produced. Thus, it’s your chance to ask all the questions you have until you get satisfied with the services of a company. Look out for the Australian standards compliance to make certain that the supplier you want to go with is credible.

Wristbands over time have proven to offer effective fundraising ideas Australia wide for schools, organizations or people that have just come together to support a certain cause. It’s all as simple as identifying why you need the money and employing the best marketing strategies to pull something off. The results will be incredible, anything that you wouldn’t have imagined. For more on wristbands, visit

Guide to Shopping a Wedding Dress You Won’t Hate Years From Now

Wedding dress regret – it is real and has happened to a lot of women. Do not let this happen to you. Shopping for a wedding dress is understandably overwhelming. There are too many options and choosing just one is difficult. But if you go into stores that specialize in wedding dresses Paramatta has to offer, you need to stick with traditional styles. If you choose a wedding gown that you love now because it is trendy, you might cringe looking back on your wedding photos several decades from now.

To ensure that this does not happen, it is best to choose wedding dresses Paramatta has to offer with a timeless appeal and design. To help you navigate through your options, consider some of these tips and tricks.

wedding dresses paramatta

Choose Iconic Styles

If you are out of idea on which styles are considered an icon, take out those celebrity magazines and look at royal or celebrity weddings. Look at the styles that are constantly referred to by magazine editors as “classic” and “iconic”. If you do not like those particular styles, you can at least take ideas from those styles to incorporate into your own.

Opt for Classic Fabrics

The type of fabric used on your wedding dress can also impact its overall style. To be on the safe side, traditional fabrics like lace, tulle and organza should be your top picks for a wedding dress. These kinds of fabrics never go out of style – they simply transform into different styles and looks.

Timeless Silhouettes

You might like the look of a high-low dress now, but would you still feel the same way about the dress when you look back on it? Probably not. Hence, do not choose a trendy style but rather go for something with a classic twist. For example, a classic ball gown or mermaid tail gown are two of the most timeless silhouettes available with wedding dresses Paramatta has today. Never settle for a dress that is considered trendy at the moment.

Your Personal Style

Your personal style is the single most important factor to consider when shopping for wedding dresses. No matter how beautiful or expensive the dress is, it won’t look good on you if it does not fit your style. Take time to learn about what cut, color and fabric would suit you best. What is your natural body shape? What type of dress style would complement your figure best? These are important questions to consider when shopping for your wedding dress. Do not choose a dress that you liked on a favorite celebrity – choose what will look best on you. Check out at Emerald Bridal

Don’t Try Too Hard to Be Different

One of the reasons why brides have a lot of regret with their wedding dresses is because they try something different and unique. It is completely fine to want to stand out and not settle for the traditional looks. However, don’t compromise the longevity of your wedding dress for the sake of trying to be different. For best results, choose styles that are classic and clean.

Follow these Tips to Get the Best Wedding Photos in Brisbane

Brisbane provides a perfect environment for newlyweds to explore their big day. A cool surrounding with spectacular features, every couple would love to hold their wedding ceremony in the area. However, to have the best wedding photos you can enjoy for years to come, you need to consult a reliable Brisbane wedding photographer.

For instance, Jessie Dains is a renowned photographer in Brisbane, able to give you wedding photos that meet your expectations. With many years of experience in wedding photography in Brisbane, the company has covered several wedding ceremonies to the best standards. With a passion for photography, he understands the emotional value attached to wedding photos and is able to produce newlywed-couple pictures with a lasting value.

If you or loved is planning a wedding soon, you can get in touch with a reliable Brisbane wedding photographer such as Jessie Dains to cover the ceremony in the best way he only knows how.

The wedding scene is quickly advancing to unions that are more complex. It calls for the skills and experience of a renowned Brisbane wedding photographer to give your ceremony coverage with a difference, resulting in photos that you can cherish forever. In a complex union, a reliable wedding photographer Brisbane has to offer provides the best coverage of the function to give you photos that will make the memories stay fresh in your mind for years to come.

As the most special day in your life, you want it to be perfect. Therefore, here are some tips to implement in order to get the best photos.

Avoid stress on your wedding day

While not everything may go on as planned, you need to maintain a relaxed mood by avoiding any tension on your big day. Issues such as your wedding planner arriving late, the reception not done to your color, or your hairdresser not showing up in time is common on the big day. However, these should not distract you from your composed mood. Your wedding photographer will find it easy to work with a relaxed person than a stressed person.

Invest in a strong wedding committee and planner

This is the energy behind the success of your wedding day. The team will ensure that everything runs on smoothly as planned. This gives your photographer easy time to cover the ceremony with confidence, being sure that everything runs according to your expectation.

Hire an experienced wedding photographer

To get the best Brisbane wedding photography, the buck stops with the photographer you hire to cover your ceremony. A highly qualified photographer will employ creativity, intuition, and professionalism to give your wedding the best coverage.

The photographer should have high-quality equipment

These include cameras, tripod, spare batteries, and any other useful accessory that can turn your wedding into a worldly paradise. Try visiting for more information on wedding photography in Brisbane.

The success of your wedding day lies in your hands. The day will pass like any other, but the photos taken on that day will last forever. You can achieve the most out of this occasion by hiring a seasoned Brisbane wedding photographer. For more details, just visit

5 Tell-Tale Signs that Says You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Dress

Is it the right dress for you? There might be a few things running through your mind as you try on one dress to another at a bridal shop. Sometimes, you walk into a bridal shop for a Wedding Dress – Luv Bridal has to offer thinking you know what you are looking for. But when you are faced with so many options, you often blank out.

Wedding Dress - Luv Bridal

Make sure you run through this checklist when you shop for a wedding dress – Luv Bridal can help you out with a few options too!

The Style and Silhouette Matches Your Wedding Style

When planning your wedding theme, you probably have a specific dress in mind that would look great with the theme. Hence, if your chosen dress fits into what you had imagined, it is probably the best choice for you! It is important to consider the venue, atmosphere and activities you had in mind for your wedding day. Is it a casual affair? Will you be dancing with your groom and your guests during the after-party? Make your decision based on these factors as it would be impractical to dance around the floor with a dress that has a 20-feet train.

You Love It!

And not because others think it looks good on you – you just love it! There is no better definition of a great wedding dress than something that you, the bride, loves to put on. If you love what you are wearing, it will show through with your aura. You will look happier and naturally glowing as you walk down the aisle.

It’s a Practical Choice

A wedding dress can be an expensive investment. Make sure you are buying it for the right reasons! For example, it complements your figure really well and does look great on you. Do not turn down a dress simply because your mother or your friends do not like the style. If it fits well, looks good on you and within budget, you really have no other reason to turn down a dress.

You Can Move With It!

A great-fitting dress is not the same as a dress that makes it impossible for you to do anything while wearing it. While you might have a great figure and you want to show it off with a tight-fitting dress, make sure you do not compromise your ability to eat, dance, or walk around in it. The secret here is in the fabric of the dress you are wearing. Make sure it is body-hugging to complement your shape without making you feel uncomfortable.

You Have Seen Enough Options

Even though you fell in love with a dress at first sight, it is impractical to choose a wedding dress without looking elsewhere. Make sure you have considered other styles that would fit into your theme and tried them on. You should never decide on a dress that you’ve seen first or you will be disappointed! You can always go back to that dress that you fell in love with first, but make sure you try something else before you make that final decision.

When you’ve checked all of the five items above, you are now ready to buy that dress. For your wedding dress – Luv Bridal has got you covered with many styles to choose from.

Bohemian Bridal – Simple but Sophisticated

Like every other facet of life, the society has obviously moved on when it comes to the design of the dresses that brides wear on their weddings. In one recent write up on the ‘Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion’, it has been reported that this trend among the brides to go in for ideas and designs which are a departure from the traditional or ‘accepted’ ones comes through very clearly. Bold moves like moving away from the bleach white and even showing some leg as opposed to completely covering the skin of the yesteryears, all show up in these latest designs. The Bohemian Bridal range has also found a predominant place among the popular designs the brides appear to be going for these days.

The ‘Boho Chic’ Theme has Caught On

In reality, while the bridal dress is at the centre of this revolution, the whole wedding theme has undergone changes and the Bohemian wedding theme or ‘Boho Chic’, as it is being referred to, has also fascinated many couples. The upshot of this trend is that the whole setting for the wedding could appear off-beat and colourful, but in terms of the costs, quite reasonable. The flower arrangements, candles and even the table linen, all appear different, eye pleasing and to many, very sophisticated. But it is the Bohemian Bridal which throws up a range of designs and choices for the brides.

Bridals that go with the Venue

One has to keep in view that among the many changes in the way weddings are conducted, the venues have also altered. People prefer to get married in gardens and other exotic outdoor locations. The dress designers take this aspect also into consideration and while suggesting their new and latest versions of designs for the brides to wear at their weddings. So you can pick a nice flowing wedding dress or gown, with jewelled top portion that leads to the neckline. As mentioned, the hallmark of a typical Bohemian inspired outfit is its simplicity and grace. The first impression one gets on looking at the bridal gowns in the entire range is one of being quite appealing in its own simplicity and sophistication.

Bohemian Bridal

Look at it online, Buy it in the Store

The ideal way for you to buy a Bohemian bridal dress is to examine the complete range from the comfort of your home, on the website and then make the choice of the fabric and colour and the design and then you could visit the stores closest to where you live and then pick up the dress you like the most. If you are short of time making arrangements for the big occasion, you could book an appointment for the store visit.

For every woman, choosing the dress she is going to wear for her wedding is a sort of dream come true. Some have emotional attachments to the dress their mothers wore at their wedding and would look at the photographs and order something close to that design. All these possibilities may exist within the Bohemian designs on display.

Spare no effort at picking the right dress for your wedding and remember you have to appear resplendent in your attire and be the cynosure of all eyes at the function. For more details, just visit