If you are planning a fundraising event, you can make use of wristbands to draw more attention to your cause and/or to send your contributions up. This can be done by selling custom wristbands or by giving away the wristbands as a way to say thank you. However, that does not give you any pointers when it comes to ordering the wristbands themselves. That is, what are the design options? Below, see some wristband fundraising ideas Australians would love. For more information you can always visit: https://wristbandmonkey.com.au/

fundraising ideas australia

Branding the wristbands with the fundraising cause

One common but very effective idea is to order charity wristbands branded to show the particular cause they represent. This allows people to buy the wristbands or to want to wear them to show that they stand in solidarity with the cause. Here, you can brand the wristbands with the name of the cause, the logo or the website. When people see or read the message on the wristband, it will draw attention to your cause and eventually increase the support base.

Create a congratulatory message to the contributor

You can also get promotional wristbands that simply bear a congratulatory message. These are great for thanking people for contributing to the cause. People can be given one once they have donated money. The wristbands can read something like, ‘Thank You’, ‘I contributed to this cause’, etc. These will make people feel good about themselves and when other people see the bands, they too will want to contribute so that they can feel the same and been seen to be part of the movement.

Design wristbands with a colour code to represent the cause

Another one of those wristband fundraising ideas Australians would love would be to order bands in a certain colour where that colour is a symbol of the cause itself. For example, if the fundraising cause is a feminine issue, you could order pink wristbands that represent that. People would then wear them to show that they have contributed or that they support the cause.

Get a 2-tone coloured wristband with two messages

You can also choose to go with a wristband design that has a two-tone colour scheme. That is, one colour on the outside, and another colour on the inside. Each side can also have a message written on it. This way, you can showcase two causes or two messages all in one band. The wearer can choose which message or cause to showcase depending on how they want to wear their band. More information brand name: Wristband Monkey

Glow in the dark wristbands

You can make your own silicone wristbands stand out even more by ordering those that glow in the dark. During the day, these bands will look normal and showcase whatever colours or message you want. At night, instead of going by unnoticed, they will light up and everyone will be able to see the message even clearer. The glow feature not only makes the band legible, they also attract more attention to them, allowing your message to be seen even more.