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Fountain Pen Habitual Mistakes Any Enthusiast is Guilty of Doing

We all make mistakes since we are all merely human. No one is perfect, even those with perfect penmanship using luxury fountain pens. But being persons using luxury fountain pens for how many decades already, we have learned the error of our ways – our true strength. There are many tips and tricks revealed today about the proper caring for your fountain pen from the past experiences of pen enthusiasts all over the world.

luxury fountain pens

You can easily make big or small blunders with both expensive luxury fountain pens and cheap ones. You can make a mistake on how to choose the best brand fountain pen ink like J.Herbin fountain pen inks or other brands out there. You can even make a casual slip up when figuring out how to clean a fountain pen yourself.

But the worse of all blunders are those small acts committed repeatedly and habitually without knowing that they’re wrong. Here are the top habitual acts most pen enthusiasts do with their fountain pen that shouldn’t be tolerated:

·         Keeping your fountain pen in your pocket among other miscellaneous items such as your phone, keys, and coins will inevitably damage you fountain pen’s finish. If you were expecting to keep your fountain pen scratch-free, stop doing the pen in the pocket routine. You can also get a pen slip or cover to avoid getting the fountain pen grazed by outside factors.

·         Never use ink originally meant for calligraphy and dip pens. These inks are shellac-based, and to clean them out of your fountain pen means using denatured alcohol – a solution that can cause the corrosion of some of your pen’s internal apparatuses. Stick with the original fountain pen ink always.

·         Don’t press too hard while writing with a fountain pen. This might disrupt the capillary action and cause the nibs to spread out, hence damaging the pen permanently.

·         Skipping the cleaning routine of your pen will damage it 100% of the time.

·         Never use alcohol and acetone to clean your fountain pen. Even if you badly want to get those pesky ink stains, you need to hold on that corrosive solution. Always use pen flush or water to clean your fountain pens.

·         The worse habitual mistake a pen enthusiast can make is storing or even dropping the precious fountain pen with its nib down. It is simply heartbreaking for any pen enthusiast to have accidents like this. This is because some fountain pens have nibs that are very difficult to replace. And with just one drop, it can cost a lot to repair. However, this mishap can be avoided with the proper keeping of the pen. You can use a pen holder, a hard pen case or a simple pencil case. Never keep it in your pocket since you might accidentally pull it out while getting another item.

·         Not actually using the fountain pen often can lead to many problems in the internal mechanism of the pen. There will be times in your busy life wherein you forgot about them or maybe you misplaced them so you can’t help but not use them for some time. There are so many every day uses for a fountain pen that you should utilize to never keep it out of your sight. But mostly, the problem lies in the actual storage of your pen.

Follow these Tips to Get the Best Wedding Photos in Brisbane

Brisbane provides a perfect environment for newlyweds to explore their big day. A cool surrounding with spectacular features, every couple would love to hold their wedding ceremony in the area. However, to have the best wedding photos you can enjoy for years to come, you need to consult a reliable Brisbane wedding photographer.

For instance, Jessie Dains is a renowned photographer in Brisbane, able to give you wedding photos that meet your expectations. With many years of experience in wedding photography in Brisbane, the company has covered several wedding ceremonies to the best standards. With a passion for photography, he understands the emotional value attached to wedding photos and is able to produce newlywed-couple pictures with a lasting value.

If you or loved is planning a wedding soon, you can get in touch with a reliable Brisbane wedding photographer such as Jessie Dains to cover the ceremony in the best way he only knows how.

The wedding scene is quickly advancing to unions that are more complex. It calls for the skills and experience of a renowned Brisbane wedding photographer to give your ceremony coverage with a difference, resulting in photos that you can cherish forever. In a complex union, a reliable wedding photographer Brisbane has to offer provides the best coverage of the function to give you photos that will make the memories stay fresh in your mind for years to come.

As the most special day in your life, you want it to be perfect. Therefore, here are some tips to implement in order to get the best photos.

Avoid stress on your wedding day

While not everything may go on as planned, you need to maintain a relaxed mood by avoiding any tension on your big day. Issues such as your wedding planner arriving late, the reception not done to your color, or your hairdresser not showing up in time is common on the big day. However, these should not distract you from your composed mood. Your wedding photographer will find it easy to work with a relaxed person than a stressed person.

Invest in a strong wedding committee and planner

This is the energy behind the success of your wedding day. The team will ensure that everything runs on smoothly as planned. This gives your photographer easy time to cover the ceremony with confidence, being sure that everything runs according to your expectation.

Hire an experienced wedding photographer

To get the best Brisbane wedding photography, the buck stops with the photographer you hire to cover your ceremony. A highly qualified photographer will employ creativity, intuition, and professionalism to give your wedding the best coverage.

The photographer should have high-quality equipment

These include cameras, tripod, spare batteries, and any other useful accessory that can turn your wedding into a worldly paradise. Try visiting for more information on wedding photography in Brisbane.

The success of your wedding day lies in your hands. The day will pass like any other, but the photos taken on that day will last forever. You can achieve the most out of this occasion by hiring a seasoned Brisbane wedding photographer. For more details, just visit

The Journey to the Creation of a Perfect Wedding Video

Planning a wedding is a journey with joys and setbacks in equal measure. The journey to getting a perfect wedding video is not easy either. Remember that the video, more than photographs, will capture the true magic and spirit of your big day. You cannot take chances with anything involving your wedding video, from the videographer to the wedding reception setting which is reflected in the video. You want to get the best wedding videography Melbourne expert, the best reception in the area, a killer theme, striking colors and of course an award-winning gown. You can go to any length to make sure that your wedding video is as perfect as it can get. But, attaining it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and early planning. Here are some great tips to guide you through the process of getting a perfect video for the day you tie the knot.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Find a good videographer seriously

The videographer is the most important element in this equation. He can make or break the whole thing. Finding a good wedding videography Melbourne expert is something you ought to take more seriously than anything else. You can never go wrong with planning in advance. Begin the search as early as possible so as to have the chance of exploring all the options available. Also, you can source for services that fit your budget well ahead of the D-day.

Do your due diligence

When you spot a potential hire, you need to dig deeper. Find out if they can deliver what you want? The best way to do this is by taking a look at their past work. Ask to see full videos of weddings they’ve shot in the recent past. Check for clarity and the general style. Do the videos impress you? If you feel they’re amiss, move to the next option. You may also ask for references. Any professional Melbourne wedding videography expert will provide you references willingly. Make sure you call the references and get their opinion about the videographer.

Check the videographer’s style

Different wedding videography Melbourne professionals take different approaches, just like in photography. In other words, they have different styles. Some use cinematic styles involving more dramatic actions. This gives the film a Hollywood-feel. Other videographers take the documentary-style approach which has limited special effects and presents the events chronologically. Choose a videographer whose approach closely matches your style.

Utilize the contract to the fullest

Don’t settle for the lower limit. Take advantage of everything that’s offered in your videographer’s package. This could include maximum coverage time, having more than one shooter on site and getting the finished products in different versions such as digital media files, trailers, and highlights reels. These factors will enhance the final product. So find a videographer with a comprehensive and all-inclusive package.

Let your videographer be

If you are sure you have found the best professional of wedding videography in Melbourne take your rest and allow them to be. Trust your decision. On the wedding day, don’t try to micromanage them. If you have hired the right videographer, have confidence in them. For more details, just visit

Why you should Trust Quality Fountain Pens to Deliver a Great Writing Experience

According to the latest study, fountain pens are now making a comeback. Andy Boss, the sales manager at A.T Cross Company in North America, said that the sales of fountain pens have greatly increased. He said that a younger audience has taken a new interest in the technology, especially in the last two years. Fountain pens look beautiful, but it requires skill to use them in the right way. You must buy quality fountain pens for a smooth and great writing experience.

quality fountain pens

Choosing the right pen

It is also a tricky process to buy the right ink pen. If you are buying an ink pen for the first time, you will be confused. You might wonder if it is the right pen for you. You might think whether you are spending too much money on it. You might feel that you won’t be able to write with it comfortably. Here are some things that you need to know about a fountain pen before buying it.

The nib

The nib is the tip of the ink pen that touches the paper. The nibs of fountain pens are made with gold alloys or stainless steel.

There are three kinds of nib sizes that you have to choose from: broad, medium and fine. Most people prefer a fine nib size. This is because the fine nibs produce a fine line that is approximately the same width that a ball point pen or a gel pen will produce.

The nibs of fountain pens have different shapes. The three common shapes are italic, stub and round. Most people prefer the round nib shape because you get a uniform looking line when you write on the paper. If you are interested in calligraphy, you can opt for italic and stub nibs.

You can get quality fountain pens with all kinds of nib shapes and sizes. You can check out if you are looking for the best fountain pen prices.

The feed

The feed of the ink pen is at the bottom of the nib which is usually made of plastic or ebonite. Just like the nib, the feed is also a very important part of your pen. The ink passes from the reservoir of the pen to the nib through the feed. So when you are buying a pen, make sure that it has a good feed. The quality fountain pens have a high-quality feed.

The cartridge

It is the reservoir of your pen that stores the ink. It is a small plastic tube that contains the ink of your pen. When it runs out of ink, you can replace it with a new cartridge. If you don’t like buying new cartridges and replacing the new one with the old one, you can opt for a cartridge converter.

The best thing about a cartridge converter is that you can easily refill it with ink. You don’t have to buy a new cartridge when the ink has exhausted.

Writing with an ink pen feels great and makes cursive handwriting look beautiful. You can find some wonderful quality fountain pens at an affordable price that will give you a fulfilling writing experience.

For more details just visit

5 Tell-Tale Signs that Says You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Dress

Is it the right dress for you? There might be a few things running through your mind as you try on one dress to another at a bridal shop. Sometimes, you walk into a bridal shop for a Wedding Dress – Luv Bridal has to offer thinking you know what you are looking for. But when you are faced with so many options, you often blank out.

Wedding Dress - Luv Bridal

Make sure you run through this checklist when you shop for a wedding dress – Luv Bridal can help you out with a few options too!

The Style and Silhouette Matches Your Wedding Style

When planning your wedding theme, you probably have a specific dress in mind that would look great with the theme. Hence, if your chosen dress fits into what you had imagined, it is probably the best choice for you! It is important to consider the venue, atmosphere and activities you had in mind for your wedding day. Is it a casual affair? Will you be dancing with your groom and your guests during the after-party? Make your decision based on these factors as it would be impractical to dance around the floor with a dress that has a 20-feet train.

You Love It!

And not because others think it looks good on you – you just love it! There is no better definition of a great wedding dress than something that you, the bride, loves to put on. If you love what you are wearing, it will show through with your aura. You will look happier and naturally glowing as you walk down the aisle.

It’s a Practical Choice

A wedding dress can be an expensive investment. Make sure you are buying it for the right reasons! For example, it complements your figure really well and does look great on you. Do not turn down a dress simply because your mother or your friends do not like the style. If it fits well, looks good on you and within budget, you really have no other reason to turn down a dress.

You Can Move With It!

A great-fitting dress is not the same as a dress that makes it impossible for you to do anything while wearing it. While you might have a great figure and you want to show it off with a tight-fitting dress, make sure you do not compromise your ability to eat, dance, or walk around in it. The secret here is in the fabric of the dress you are wearing. Make sure it is body-hugging to complement your shape without making you feel uncomfortable.

You Have Seen Enough Options

Even though you fell in love with a dress at first sight, it is impractical to choose a wedding dress without looking elsewhere. Make sure you have considered other styles that would fit into your theme and tried them on. You should never decide on a dress that you’ve seen first or you will be disappointed! You can always go back to that dress that you fell in love with first, but make sure you try something else before you make that final decision.

When you’ve checked all of the five items above, you are now ready to buy that dress. For your wedding dress – Luv Bridal has got you covered with many styles to choose from.

Safety Tips When Installing Mechanical Bulls for Parties

mechanical bull is a fun addition to an adult party. You will most often find it in pubs and bars wherein they are ridden for entertainment. You can choose to rent one for an upcoming party if you want your guests to have a good time. But while it is fun, it can pose risks and concerns especially for guests who are drunk that choose to ride it. It is important to know the proper safety guidelines with its use before you choose to use one for a party.

There are two aspects in which you can ensure the safety of your guests when it comes to installing a mechanical bull. The first one is in the quality of the item itself and the other is in terms of its use. You need to look into each aspect to guarantee the safety of your guests.

Purchasing or Choosing a Mechanical Bull
If you can afford it, you can choose to invest in a mechanical bull system for use in parties. If not, there are several party hire companies that can offer them for rent at a specific fee. When making your rental decision, you should consider a few features of the mechanical bull.
First off, you must check if the mechanism is for side toss or over-head toss. Majority of the injuries reported from the use of this equipment is when the rider gets thrown over the head. This could be a result of the riding motion and the overall bull design. To prevent such injuries from happening, choose ones that move towards the side since it is less dangerous as compared to being thrown over the head. Plus, the sides are equipped with cushions so the rider can land safely and free from injury.
Another important feature to look into is the type of strap used for riders. The ones with rope handle or leather strap are recommended for mechanical bull riders. Meanwhile, some users prefer the rope handle since it is easier to let go once you are thrown off the bull. You should at least try to use handles with metal straps since this could be a safety hazard for the riders.
Finally, you should check the quality of the padding on the bull. Make sure all the key parts such as the head and the horns are equipped with enough padding such that it won’t cause injury even when the rider hits them (which could happen once the riding motion is set off).  More details at Bounce4fun.
Safety Tips for Users
When it comes to the use of a mechanical bull, the rider must also observe proper safety guidelines. For example, you should hire someone who is trained and experienced to operate the bull. Most companies that offer rental services for this party equipment often provide at least one staff to provide assistance or to operate it. Meanwhile, only one person should be allowed to ride the bull at any given time. Children who do not meet a certain height requirement should not be allowed to ride the bull.
Make sure you are not too drunk when you ride the bull. If your guests are drunk, do not allow them to ride the bull as they can be at risk for injuries. Holding on with the motion of the bull while being sober is hard enough; it becomes even more difficult when you lack coordination.
Follow these guidelines when using and operating a mechanical bull for your next party. This will ensure fun and injury-free entertainment for everyone!

Bohemian Bridal – Simple but Sophisticated

Like every other facet of life, the society has obviously moved on when it comes to the design of the dresses that brides wear on their weddings. In one recent write up on the ‘Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion’, it has been reported that this trend among the brides to go in for ideas and designs which are a departure from the traditional or ‘accepted’ ones comes through very clearly. Bold moves like moving away from the bleach white and even showing some leg as opposed to completely covering the skin of the yesteryears, all show up in these latest designs. The Bohemian Bridal range has also found a predominant place among the popular designs the brides appear to be going for these days.

The ‘Boho Chic’ Theme has Caught On

In reality, while the bridal dress is at the centre of this revolution, the whole wedding theme has undergone changes and the Bohemian wedding theme or ‘Boho Chic’, as it is being referred to, has also fascinated many couples. The upshot of this trend is that the whole setting for the wedding could appear off-beat and colourful, but in terms of the costs, quite reasonable. The flower arrangements, candles and even the table linen, all appear different, eye pleasing and to many, very sophisticated. But it is the Bohemian Bridal which throws up a range of designs and choices for the brides.

Bridals that go with the Venue

One has to keep in view that among the many changes in the way weddings are conducted, the venues have also altered. People prefer to get married in gardens and other exotic outdoor locations. The dress designers take this aspect also into consideration and while suggesting their new and latest versions of designs for the brides to wear at their weddings. So you can pick a nice flowing wedding dress or gown, with jewelled top portion that leads to the neckline. As mentioned, the hallmark of a typical Bohemian inspired outfit is its simplicity and grace. The first impression one gets on looking at the bridal gowns in the entire range is one of being quite appealing in its own simplicity and sophistication.

Bohemian Bridal

Look at it online, Buy it in the Store

The ideal way for you to buy a Bohemian bridal dress is to examine the complete range from the comfort of your home, on the website and then make the choice of the fabric and colour and the design and then you could visit the stores closest to where you live and then pick up the dress you like the most. If you are short of time making arrangements for the big occasion, you could book an appointment for the store visit.

For every woman, choosing the dress she is going to wear for her wedding is a sort of dream come true. Some have emotional attachments to the dress their mothers wore at their wedding and would look at the photographs and order something close to that design. All these possibilities may exist within the Bohemian designs on display.

Spare no effort at picking the right dress for your wedding and remember you have to appear resplendent in your attire and be the cynosure of all eyes at the function. For more details, just visit

Understanding Diverse Styles of Piano Music

Different styles are used in producing piano music. Learning many of them can help someone master how to play this musical instrument.
As well, learning the essentials of interpreting sheet music can help you to expand your knowledge of the arts and experience some sense of fulfillment while also having fun. A trained musician can produce sweet cello sheet music, for example, by interpreting the symbols carried on a cello sheet. These represent the rhythm, speed as well as pitch of a song along with the techniques and expression that a musician should employ when playing the piece. Meanwhile, learning how to play the piano opens up a whole new dimension to the celebration of music. Taking a closer look at some popular styles can be a great way of attaining this goal.
Classical Piano
The classical style is the oldest one for playing the piano, apart from being very diverse as well. Easy piano sheet music has been used for long in this style and can be quite helpful especially in refining the skills of learners.
This style employs a rather intense practicing approach and is the source of many other musical routines.
Rock Piano
Rock piano is yet another style of piano music that has been embraced by enthusiasts for quite some time now. It emanated from blues style of play, even though it would later adopt its own. Well-known pianists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elton John and Billy Joel would then popularize it into its present form.
Jazz Piano
This is yet another remarkable style of playing the piano. Jazz piano incorporates several varied styles that can be somewhat challenging to describe. Many approaches utilized for generating sounds on the piano in real
sense adopt jazz ideas such as chords and improvisation. Jazz Piano puts emphasis on achieving chord-diversity.
Gospel Piano
The piano music style known as gospel piano is quite similar to many other well-known styles, such as blues, R&B and even jazz. This style of play tends to emphasize certain extended chords. That said gospel piano usually sounds uplifting, generating a swinging feel that is oftentimes evident in both jazz as well as R&B.
Gospel songs may seem to be rather simple, but their musicality is normally quite complex. It is easy noticing the syncopation this style of music usually employs that leads to a rather spiritual overtone to gospel piano.
The grand piano is a unique musical instrument that can for instance produce drum sheet music and many other kinds of sweet tunes. Even urban rap tracks can come out sounding peaceful and gentle in a way when presented as piano instrumentals. Something appears to transform music that comes out of a piano once various harmonies and melodies are blended into this instrument with style. Music has been termed as being a universal language understood by virtually all creation and the styles mentioned above are just few of the common ones performed by skilled musicians. Other renowned piano versions of music include rhythm and blues piano, cocktail piano as well as boogie woogie piano.

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