More Than Just Fun – Other Benefits You’ll Get from Your Vuly Trampoline

Buying a vuly trampoline is one of the greatest decisions you could ever make. The enjoyment of jumping in a trampoline is simply unmatched. But besides fun, did you know that your vuly trampoline has many other great health benefits? Rebounding – the act of jumping in a trampoline – is a unique type of exercise. Unlike other forms of exercise, rebounding involves increasing your G-force. G-force is the force that builds on the body as a result of gravity or acceleration. When you jump on the trampoline, initially you’ll bounce upward, pause for a second during the instance where you are weightless and then bounce back with the G-force. Research shows that this process is twice as effective as running. This could be one of the reasons why vuly trampolines Brisbane offers are on high demand. So, find out how your vuly trampoline is a much more worthwhile investment than you thought.

Enhances your body balance

Rebounding enables you to develop proficiency and skills in sensing and maintaining proper balance. Trying to bounce in one position creates a keen sense of balance which provides direct impact on your bilateral motor skills. Vuly trampolines Brisbane options have particularly proven helpful for children with coordination problems.

Cardiovascular fitness

Jumping in your trampoline a couple of minutes each day will keep your heart beating well and in perfect health. Rebounding for just 10 minutes is better for your cardiovascular system than 33 minutes of running. It creates greater biochemical stimuli than running, even for similar levels of oxygen consumption and heart rate.

It is a low impact exercise

Although jumping in a trampoline involves intense workout of bones and muscles, 80% of the shock resulting from the rebound is absorbed by the pad or mat. Unlike other forms of exercise, trampolining provides an all-rounded workout with minimal risk of injuring your joints. With this regard, vuly trampolines Brisbane offers have been quit beneficial for people undergoing rehabilitation or those with less mobility.

Muscle toning  

Jumping in a trampoline improves your whole body strength. The exercise engages all the core-stability muscles in your body to keep you balanced and stable. This in turn means a stronger and tauter lower back and stomach. Regular use of the trampoline will help to tone your muscles and make them suppler.

Stress relief

Stress relief is another reason why more and more people are taking advantage of vuly trampolines in Brisbane. Rebounding enhances the production of endorphins by the brain thereby combating stress, anxiety and depression. With regular trampolining you’ll experience better sleep, general relaxation and more energy. It boosts circulation of blood around the body hence improving your mental performance and making you more alert.

Keeps you warm

Trampolines are mostly associated with summer in Australia. But that mentality is gradually changing with Brisbane vuly trampolines. Jumping can help you generate a lot of heat inside which will compensate for the cold outside. Besides that, rebounding can be a good way to supplement the supply of vitamin D in your body during winter – when the sun is not present to do that work. Visit

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